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YES! We can successfully repair any type of glass…Plate, Tempered, Impact, Laminated, etc.

No…All estimates in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach are FREE of charge.

Prices vary depending on what type of service you need, how bad the damage is, and how much of it there is. But, we guarantee we will beat any reasonable price from any of our competitors!

The length of a repair can vary significantly depending on what needs to be done. Small repairs can take a few hours and from there it goes up.

Our traveling crew cover all 50 states.

Absolutely! We provide all our customers with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, and our policy is simple…”If we don’t deliver what we promise, you don’t pay for it!”

No! Scratched glass is already weakened. This is because glass has surface tension, and a scratch is a fracture in that surface tension. By removing the scratch, we restore the surface tension and return the glass to its original integrity.

Yes, but on rare occasions. In the past 20 years it’s only happened 3 times.

Absolutely not! Our process completely and permanently removes the scratches.

YES! We can remove ANY kind of stain or deposit from any type of glass.

Nano coating is a poly-siloxane, ultra-hydrophobic coating with UV initiator technology. It seals and protects interior and exterior glass against stains, deposits, and degradation from environmental exposure.

Nano coating permanently bonds to the surface of the glass and fills the microscopic pores of the surface to prevent soil penetration, stains, and mineral deposits from adhering and forming.

Our Nano coating can last up to 5 years depending on the environment, abrasion, or exposure to harsh chemicals. We do offer an unconditional 1-year warranty when applied by one of our professional technicians.


We Take Scratches Out Of The Glass!

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