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Automotive & Marine Glass Repair

Scratch Doctors is one of the few companies in our industry qualified to repair marine and automobile glass. These types of jobs require knowledge and special equipment, and we have both. In these industries glass is typically surrounded by delicate woodwork and finished surfaces, so when a panel is damaged replacing it the last option. This is where we can help, because we can successfully repair damaged glass without having to remove it. We use equipment that is specifically designed for these applications, and our technicians are trained in the proper techniques required for these types of repairs. Scratch Doctors is a professional service that understands and delivers the attention required in these industries. Our goal is simple, to exceed our customerís expectations.

Scratch Doctors If you have a marine vessel or an automobile with damaged glass, please give us a call.  We will save you the time, money, and unnecessary damage associated with the replacement process. Our quality service and level of performance will earn us a permanent place in your rolodex.

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